Finding Your “Vimbase”

Compassvim(Photo: Calsidyrose)

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Finding Your Vimbase

Most men chase women hoping to find happiness. They don’t seem to be enjoying life, but if they were to meet the “right girl”, excitement, passion, adventure, love and intimacy would conjure in abundance, and life would be set. Many men may really enjoy their life, yet when it comes to their relations with women their whole approach defeats their ability to make something beautiful happen.

This type of man believes that he may not be great at flirting, getting past his fear of rejection, expressing his passions or leading sexual interactions, yet if he could just “get in the door” with a woman or “meet the right one”, then the woman would see him for who he really is. No judgments being past here… I feel like every man and woman has been guilty of this mindset, including myself.

Yet this mindset often leads us to a place where we’re only passionate, excited, strong, and seeing ourselves of value when we’re in good terms with women. It leads to us worrying about what to say in the beginning, in hopes of us getting to an end point where it’s “safe” to express ourselves as we really are.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. Women don’t long to be with a man that’s dependent on her for him to be himself. Nor do women meet men thinking: “This man is really quiet, seemingly uninterested, way to serious and nonsexual, BUT, I wonder what he’d be like after 6 dates… Hhmmmhh?” Continue reading