Going Pro In “Social Poker”

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Going Pro in “Social Poker”.

 An essential key to winning big with the opposite sex…

            There is no such thing as 100% success in seduction. “Pickup” is messy. “Guru’s” claiming they can teach you to attract any stranger without getting rejected are conning you. But what you can do is improve your ratio of quality seductions vs. clueless rejections.

Most people play the “social lotto”, relying on blind luck and happenstance to win with the opposite sex. Low effort, low cost, yet small chance of reward. With the right coaching you can switch from a blind “social lotto” player to professional “social poker” player.  Where your actions, intellect and decisions have the capacity to change your life.

Your odds can be improved to the point that your life never again looks the same. Your life will open in ways you couldn’t even guess. You could easily top the best memories of your life by developing yourself in the art of seduction and connection. But none of it will happen quickly if you easily get caught up on the rejections. This article will give you an important understanding of rejection in your dating life. An understanding that will liberate you to take more action, have more confidence, all while stressing a little less.

Imagine meeting a man that’s striving to become the worlds best poker player. He has read dozens of books and taken some classes. His knowledge seems endless, but there’s a catch… He takes every loss personally. He believes that it’s possible to win every hand, every time, and until he attains that level of mastery, he isn’t willing to risk seeing a game through. Every time he starts playing, he quits the moment he looses one hand.

            I’m sure you’d shake your head in confusion if you met a person like this. Why is he getting hung up over loosing a small hand? “You’re playing a game that involves risk!” you’d say. It’s part of the game. Just win bigger and more often and you’re doing great. You understand that becoming successful in poker without loosing some bets is not possible. Even the Pro’s have losses amongst their winnings.

            This is the same as striving for the most extravagant skills in seduction and romance, yet never being willing to see rejection. Rejection is a cost of the game. Luckily self-reliance is your cash. The cost of rejection dramatically decreases as you begin to value your own actions more than you value others’ opinions of you. Realizing that not every loss is indication of you doing something wrong will permit yourself to take more action. When you embrace rejection rather than opting out at first sight of it, you’ll reap more rewards, and stay in the game longer to see the big wins.

If you want to make all romance and erotic movies look like a joke, then start with the understanding that rejection happens to us all and is unavoidable. Sure whatever you see as an extravagant win can be developed:


  • Finding a woman can see as a life partner and having her desire you in return.
  • Sex with an abundance of attractive people.
  • Heartfelt authentic connection with a person of inspirational character and beauty.
  • Passionate sex created within 30 minutes of meeting a stranger.
  • Successful Open Relationships or Custom Relationships.
  • Begin able to say “I understand women better than the understand themselves” and having women agree with you.
  • 5+ dates in 1 day.
  • Having women you’ve had interactions with continue to respect and like you even after breaking up. And having women thank you for opening them up emotionally, physically, sexually, socially, etc.
  • Always maintaining your sense of self, and no longer loosing emotional and mental stability due to a woman’s actions or opinions.
  • The skillset to create dating and social circles within 2 days of landing anywhere without knowing anyone (social fluidity).
  • The security of knowing that getting a date will never be a problem for you again.
  • Never again hearing “I love you like a brother/sister” or “let’s just be friends”


You can define what winning big is to you. All of it’s possible, but not without facing rejection. Let your first big win be about overcoming fear by relating to it differently instead of avoiding it entirely. Life, wisdom, courage, and beauty exist within rejection, and definitely just beyond it.

So, next time you hear yourself saying “but I might get rejected”. Follow it up with “No shit! I’m playing social poker. The more I’m willing to see and grow from my losses, the more I’ll see wins.” Rejection itself will always be a part of it. Onlookers may scoff at your “loss”, but they’re the jackasses for not having courage to sit at the table. Raise the stakes in your interactions so you can raise the winnings in your life.


~Ander Adams

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