Making an Effective “Plan of Immersion”


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Making an Effective “Plan of Immersion”

When learning how to seduce, your ability to take action persistently is one of the most important traits to develop. This post is really valuable if you continually fail to follow through with your game plan. If this is the case with you, the lessons in this post can dramatically take time off your learning curve. You’ll be able to apply it to your development with women as well as any habit you’re trying to instill. Now, pickup artist’s and many guru’s will tell you to just get over your fear and force yourself to take action. If you can do this great! If you have trouble doing this, then step back and re-evaluate your approach to your practice.

In learning anything, immersion brings you the quickest results. This is especially true in developing character traits, which is really what seduction is all about. But trying to “Approach 20 women tomorrow” when you don’t even talk to 1 a week, can be more unrealistic than an out of shape person saying they’re going to run 6 miles everyday starting tomorrow.

In habit forming and character trait development, immersion is key. A comedian doesn’t become funny by mentally boring himself 98% of the time, then occasionally expressing a joke he had stored away. A comedian is constantly interacting with life in a humorous way. He’s mentally asking, “What’s funny about this?”  “How could I word this to be hilarious?” His mental process is humor. He developed that humor by interacting with everything through that mental state.  Now some guys can force themselves to approach 20 groups of women in a day. Some women can quickly make the switch to courageously expressing their desires. Others plan it yet never follow through. If this is your situation, make an Effective Plan of Immersion instead. So the basics are:

1)   Find your blowout point.

2)   Backup to a point of comfort and ease within the same topic.

3)   Immerse yourself at that stage both externally and internally.

4)   Continually implement the next stage, until the next step up seems comfortable. (This all can be done really fast, this doesn’t have to take weeks)

1)   Find your blowout point: For example, let’s say you’re trying to become a more physically connecting guy. And you fail to follow through with your plan of making a physical connection upon meeting a woman. We’ll refer to that point of inaction as your “blowout point”. Now instead of finding new information to study, and instead of trying to mentally force yourself to do something you’ve been failing to follow through on. You’re going to back up a few steps from that blowout point to something you find bearable:

2)   Backup to a point of comfort and ease within the same topic: So, if you can’t follow through with the plan of physically touching a woman upon meeting her, back up to something that is still in the topic of touching and making physical connections, but is something you can execute constantly. In the example of physical connection, the point that you might want to back up to is becoming touchier with all objects, or beginning to make more physical connections with your guy friends. Make it something you can be doing frequently.

3)   Immerse yourself at that stage on a continual basis (both externally and internally):

Externally: Find a way to generate some action outwardly that you can practice constantly. So even as you read this you can take action in beginning to explore things more through touch. Make physical connections with things that grab your interest. When drinking coffee feel the warmth of the cup, walking down the street make connections to passing objects. Touching trees, walls, light posts and things that grab your interest as you pass them. In the process tap into what they actually feel like, and how you react to them. Try noticing how your body responds when exploring things through touch.

Internally: Mentally start asking yourself questions that get you to focus on building this habit. Find wonder and desire in making physical contact. In your down time, picture past experiences where you didn’t take action, and re-picture what it would have looked like if you had done it successfully. Picture it to the point that you really feel what that would have been like. How it would have felt to succeed with following through. Do both of these constantly until the habit is something that feels fluid. Preferably to the point that it’s not something you have to think about that much. Once you get to this point push it up a notch.

4)   Continually implement the next stage, until the next step up seems comfortable: Start upping it a bit. When you hang out with your guy friend’s use your hands more to describe things and start making physical connections with your friends more often. Pat your buddies on the back, when you shake someone’s hand use the other hand to grab at the back of the elbow. Give more high fives and hugs. When talking with someone make little touches and connections in the process.

When doing this right you can get past those barriers within a day. Because you’re gradually increasing intensity while staying immersed in the topic your rate of success improves. When it comes to developing a habit, doing it often is more important than doing it once really well. Email me at if you want help creating a custom plan of immersion in your current hang-ups.

~ Ander Adams

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