Redefining “Seducer”

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Redefining “Seducer”

Describing a man as a “seducer of women” typically doesn’t hoist his image in today’s society. “Seduction” is commonly thought to go hand in hand with manipulation, sin, gaudiness, misogyny and shame.  Yet I’d debate quite the opposite. Religious fanatics, prigs and those that can only whisper the word sex, be prepared to hate me through this post…

Manipulation is deceiving someone in an unexpectedly negative direction… True seduction, is leading someone where they already fantasize going, yet can’t go on his or her own. Seduction in itself is one fantasy that we all hope for. I’m not saying people long to be manipulated. That’s not what real seduction is. I’m saying we all desire to feel our edge of adventure, our edge of love, life and sexual passion with a person that makes our eyes open wide.

We all desire to step into the life we don’t have the courage to step into on our own. Deep down we desire to be swept off, or sweep someone off into a striking adventure. Our hearts and souls yearn to feel the edge of life, love and passion. And to learn how to make this happen for yourself and another is an honorable thing.

One should take pride in being referred to as a seducer. Sadly , badmouthing claims of “he’s a seducer of women” usually come from the socially retarded and the rarely seduced. It’s often the ones that have extreme inability to attract that obsess over how others should not. It seems similar to the poor person that claims having no money is the most honorable thing a person can “do”. Either way, it’s a desperate attempt to belittle what they feel they’re unable to attain… Sadly, the little faith they have in themselves will limit their ability to create the best memories for themselves.

Funny thing is, the best seducers of the world (not just the one-night hotshot) scarcely have lovers that regret their shared experience. That is one of the signs of a great seducer. Often times a true seducer’s greatest defenders are the women he has bedded. Rather than the woman that was seduced speaking ill of him, it ends up being the man that’s “just a friend” to said woman, or the shy, non-sexual, bitchy and out of shape woman in the corner that adds scorn to the night she wasn’t a part of. For those observing to try to act like the swooned are clueless “victims” is an insult to the “victim”. People may not know they’re being manipulated but people know when they’re being seduced. The woman that get’s invited back to a man’s place for “tea” after flirtatious glances, touchy hands and makeouts, knows very well that “tea” is a footnote in what’s really being offered.

Of course, I don’t carry respect for those that deceitfully mislead and knowingly harm others. Sadly those that do manipulate are the ones that have a lack of faith or shame in their own ability to authentically attract. But to be a true seducer doesn’t involve becoming more malicious and deceitful. In fact we, at Vimbase Attraction, refuse to coach men that don’t pass our standard of respect and admiration for women.

Being a remarkable seducer is sign of greatness rather than shame. It takes willingness to walk a path and develop a character that few will take the risk to begin. Just to begin the path takes the ability to declare what few men have the courage to declare… That they could learn to be better with women… It takes an ability to face rejection from the people they most long to know. It takes willingness to face derision and scorn from society. And that’s just the beginning…

To declare they want to progress their relations with women and their relation to their own manhood is already an achievement. Few are willing to face that first step. And even fewer will continue on to forge and develop the character that provides ability to lead a woman on the romance of her life (and the romance that her friends become jealous over)…

To be a great seducer requires developing greater social perception than 99% of all other people. It takes the ability to lead others through an experience that feels edgy, all while controlling your own emotions and yearnings for validation. It takes curiosity in the possibilities and in the beauty of strangers rather than blind judgment that leads to a comfortable state of inaction. It takes the ability to inspire trust while continuously keeping the moment on the crest of the uncertainty. It takes presence, humor, a resolute sense of self, and the ability to conjure unforgettable moments out of conditions and scenarios people typically overlook. It takes a clearer alignment in internal thoughts and external actions than the average person works to maintain. It simply takes greatness of character.

So for the religious fanatics, prigs and those that can only whisper the word sex, please feel free to sit on your high chair and bicker about seducers. But for those that feel that creating more abundance and richness out of life, love, sex, passion, and adventure is important, then know you have the Vimbasi Brotherhood venturing the same expedition. If you desire to learn how to better attract and lead a woman through an adventure that’s worthy of being a movie… If you long to know your love passionately chooses you rather than forlornly settles for you… If you desire to never feel the need to cling, desperately suffocating your lover out of your fear of being alone… If you want to have nights filled with your skin pressed against a beautiful woman who craves to spend night after night laughing swooning and fucking… If you wish to have your dates sound like dreams, and you wish to have every moment you go somewhere be an opportune moment to meet another love of your life, then know that working to attain that mastery is honorable.

If you want to be a part of a pack of men who set out to make the most of their life rather than shaming you into mediocrity then email me at I’ll send you The Vimbasi Declaration and get you on a path that multiplies your efforts to create greatness with women. Live curiously and courageously love…

~Ander Adams

New proposals for the definition of “seducer”:

1). A person that raises the standard of romantic, erotic and or intimate connection in their own life and in the lives of those they interact with.

2). A person that makes romantic or erotic dreams come true in a way that benefits those in the seduction considerably more than it harms.

3). A person with remarkable ability to lead and keep someone on an erotic, romantic, or intimate edge of vulnerability. In a fashion that opens a person’s sense of adventure, love, and passion beyond what they had thought was possible in that moment.

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